flaviu cipcigan

Hi, I'm Flaviu 👋 It's great to have you here.

At core, I am driven by joy and curiosity. I yearn to understand the world and then use that understanding to improve it.

I am a scientist trained in physics. My PhD thesis looked at how we design better molecules using computers.

I work as a research strategist at IBM Research Europe. There, I design new materials for carbon capture using artificial intelligence and automated experiments. The technology that we are developing makes the process of doing science faster and more automated.

I co-founded Global Shapers Manchester in 2020. The hub trains young people to be responsible leaders and builds projects that help local communities. For example, we are installing happy benches around the city to spark serendipity and joy.

I also work on various creative projects such as putting together a spoken word poem about climate change and writing at the Poolside Polymaths Podcast.

Dance is also a core part of my life. I have been active for over 10 years on the UK tango scene.

I explore online creativity through writing and speaking. I write a newsletter on research strategy, innovation and explorations at the intersection of my interests. I think out loud on Twitter and host spaces for meaningful conversations on Clubhouse.

My curiosity is unbounded, and I've explored it through many projects, such as:

The internet can be an amazing place to connect. If any of this resonates, don't be a stranger and let's chat! You can email me using my first name at hey.com, send me a DM on Twitter or subscribe below.

✌️ Flaviu